Infinite soft rejects: 30+ and still can't relese our WP theme

Hi there,

My team is trying to release our first WordPress theme, but the review process is taking more than 3 months and the number of soft rejects is about 30.

First 10 were about the design - this was hard because we didn’t receive a detailed explanation, so we changed a lot of things (and deprecated a lot of features) so the design will be more clear.

Other issues are regarding the code and UNIT test - I agree that this is our first theme and we have made a lot of issues.

The problem is that we always receive different comments on each soft reject - and this looks like it will never finish. For example, in one soft reject, we should remove favicon from the theme. On the next - we should check comments alignment on the mobile and etc… Our team a really demotivated and I’m losing my last money on my poor budget.

So here is my question and proposition:
Maybe it will be easier for reviewers if they will have a list which they should check on the theme and will send a full list of issues to the author, so they will fix everything at once?
As profit for reviewers - they will not review so many times the same theme (which take time to download, install and check the code which can be already checked by other reviewers before)
As profit for authors - we will be able to release themes much more quickly.

Please tell me what you also have such issues, so I will know that I’m not alone :slight_smile:



I had a similar story like yours, i launched my first WP theme a few months ago (Reco) and i got more than 20 soft rejects, of course there were a lot of issues related to design and a lot more with code standards, but you need to understand they have a very good group of professionals in every category, so they will give you differents reviews, for example, you can divide reviewers team in:

  • Multiple reviewers for design.
  • Multiple reviewers for code standards.
  • And of course, reviewers for related to your content and copyrights.

They check a lot of themes per day (hundred or thousands), so you must understand they will give you a small amount of examples of your errors and you must check by yourself if there are any extra errors that should be fixed.

It is super recommended to read the full guide of requirements to reduce the amount of errors:

Hope this information may help you!

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