Lots of soft rejects with the same message

Hi everyone. So after 40+ days of waiting we got our first soft reject. Some issues here and there, fixed them, everything seemed to be fine, resubmitted. And then it began…

We’re now dealing with the 16th soft reject. It’s been more than two months since the first answer, and each time we’re getting the same ridiculous reasons. The last reject was: Please make sure your theme doesn’t raise any errors or warnings with theme-check. http://envato.d.pr/1d0Kb/3YxzBGBG But there are no errors nor warnings there, just some recommendations that don’t need to be addressed.
The reject before that was: I’m getting an error after installing / activating the plugins your theme recommends: http://envato.d.pr/PiD6/3gbZq2QH That was just an incomplete install of Rev Slider.

And the list goes on… It’s already becoming frustrating, each time we have to wait three days to get a ridiculous reject reason…

Anyway, I understand this is how the review system works and it will probably be improved / or not. I read a lot of threads about soft rejects so I now we’re not the only ones in this situation.

However, I’m posting this hoping to learn more about how the review works and if it will be improved. Here are some questions that bother me:

  1. There were 4 different reviewers throughout 16 soft rejects. Wouldn’t it be better if each theme would be assigned to a unique reviewer so the process would flow better?
  2. When a new reviewer gets to looks at a resubmission, does he read the previous reject reasons / author comments? We got the same message from a different reviewer, just after we explained there are no errors there just recommendations.
  3. Three days seems ok for a list of 5-10 issues, but for a single issue, wouldn’t it be fair to review the resubmission faster? One of the reasons was: Please make sure you are providing the latest version of the plugins. Of course plugins are outdated, new updates can be released while waiting for an answer.

Sorry for the long post, we’re just losing our hope here. We submitted the theme in March and it’s been four months of waiting…it will probably be more :slight_smile: