in the licence is each subdomain a new website?

I am building my own website and use subdomains to point people to different services. I do not make money from the sites. Do I need multiple licences ie one per subdomain or just one?

Hi, this is an answer received from Envato Support by someone who asked about this before, might be helpful:


Please becareful, the advice repeated here is incomplete. If you ask support they will also give incomplete advice.

There are two types of subdomain - those created by creating a new installation of WordPress on your server (at my host in my case) and those created through a multisite WordPress installation.

Only subdomains created using multisite (also called network) are covered by a single licence. this is because they are only one installation.

To be crystal clear the standard licence only covers one wordpress installation.

My situation with the license activation status is number 1 above.
One Wordpress installation with one subdomain: and but my theme license only applies to the main domain. How can I activate the theme for the other one?
Thank you.