Multisite license....

I am still confused about the appropriate license for multi-site. I asked a theme author if the standard license covers multisite. He said I would need an extended license. However, he then said it would be ok if I bought another regular license for each “site.”

I read this thread: (Locked) Products licensing for WordPress Multisite

In summary the thread seems to say that a subdomain off a main domain is covered under one license. This to me would count for the standard setup for a multisite. Am I wrong here? That’s the first question.

However, through domain mapping if I give each multisite it’s own unique domain, while still technically a multisite, I would need to buy another license as it is a totally different domain. Does this sound correct? That’s my second question.

Thanks. My situation is that I have a Real Estate business that each agent may want there own contained page, but on the same theme for branding and consistency.


  1. there is no such thing as a ‘multi-site license’

  2. regular or extended makes no difference - it is still 1 license = 1 site

  3. the sub domain thing is tricky but usually comes down to what it is used for and the relationship with the primary domain

  4. when mapping and giving different domains then 100% you will need unique licenses because otherwise things like plugin activation etc. will never work

  5. If necessary reach out to support for official answers