Avada, Envato and wordpress Multisite - Different answers.

Hi, I asked the same question from Avada and Envato. The Question was, “can I use envato regular license to create wordpress multisite setup. Sites will be like, site1.mydomain.com, site2.mydomain.com. Contents will be different but about the works of a same organization.”

So one of Envato help center person said, “yes you can”. And Avada said “you can’t, you have to buy different licenses”. So I asked them about the conflict of their answers. But they didn’t gave me a correct answer. So please someone clear this mess.


That’s really tricky! But since it’s the same company (and sort of like having a single website with different categories) and Envato has said it is OK then it is OK. If this were two completely different websites or if Envato said it wasn’t OK then that would be different.

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Thank you for your reply, I’m still trying to get the same answer from both of them. I don’t know why do they have different opinions.

And I asked the same question from “Be” theme. This is their answer.

Licensing is confusing. Best to stick with the official Envato answer and not try to confuse it any further. If you feel like supporting the author you can purchase a second (or even a third) license once the project goes live. I’ve seen this happen a lot of times when people are happy with the quality of the (incredibly cheap) products here on the market.

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agree with dbatkar. this is what KingDog answered in one such previous post.

“Currently you need one license per main domain. If you run multiple subdomains within one domain, you only need one license. If you are running multiple sites on different domains, you’ll need one license for each site.”


Thank you for your reply!!!