License question subdomain

Hi, dear community.

I have a question regarding a license.
I bought a wordpress theme and created one webpage on my main domain.
Now i want to enlarge my webpage and give it a tutorials section, but i don´t want to use the main domain for it but a sub domain. There will be a second wordpress installation (so i can separate the content much better). My question now. do i have to purchase another license? Since it is somehow the same page or better the same project but separated in subdomain and second installation. thank you

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Depending on the theme you may find that you have to have two versions to activate it fully.

This question has been asked many many times and as far as i remember it comes down to:

  1. if the second one is or

  2. what the variant is e.g. if the second is a whole new installation and noticeably different from the original site (in your case it is quite a distinct offering) then you probably should have a second license.

If you are charging for access to these tutorials then you would need an extended license

If in doubt I would suggest asking support for an official answer