Images in the description. Time for an update!


All item pages on Envato Market have recently gone responsive. However, we (authors) have no option to benefit from responsive layout when using images in our description.

This can negatively affects us because:

  • If we would like to support mobile devices, we have to use large font
    sizes and big images. This will result in a good layout on mobile
    devices, however, on desktops, everything will look enormous.
  • If we would like to support high resolution devices, we have to use high resolution images, but this will unnecessarily negatively affect the loading time on non-high resolution devices.
  • A description with images on tablet devices almost always looks ugly.

I’ve created an image that illustrates these problems, however, since I’m new (on the new forums) I can’t embed it.

Don’t get me wrong, Responsive layouts are a great addition, but it would be great if we could be able to better benefit them.

I’d love see an option for authors to use responsive images in their descriptions. I just read this post about using responsive images which has some great examples of how this could be integrated.

An example of a solution would be to support the following html tag (by integrating the plugin ‘HiSRC’), which allows us to use images from different resolutions:

<img src="200x100.png" data-1x="400x200.png" data-2x="800x400.png">

In addition, it would also be great to see a replacement for .gif files to show images in the description, e.g. by allowing the widely supported attribute.

I’d love to hear if anyone recognizes these issues, if anyone has any suggestions to solve this, and if Envato has any plans for this (or if they have recognized the issue).


hi, indeed, all u said makes perfect sense to me, but as for me, i am not sure that all these responsive things have such a big impact anyway , let’s face it , if a guy finds your work interesting and feels like buying, no matter how this is displayed, he’ll buy and adapting any single content for both versions seem to be a very heavy process , maybe for rather small benefit, so to speak … . however, if the thing can work with a plug in and that this is not too heavy to handle out of the huge bulk of products, this may not hurt to have a fully responsive presentation as u mentioned :wink: