I'm new, I ask for some advice

Hello everyone, I’m new and I would like to sell my designs on this marketplace, I deal mainly with branding / logo design. I would ask you some things:

  • It is better to enter 10 items at a time for the review (perhaps the cheapest ones would be discarded by the reviewer) or better in groups of 3 at a time (although it would take much longer for revisions).
  • Is the logo market saturated? working hard I could get to 3/400 $ a week or better work on something else like brochures or flyers?
    Thank you so much for the answers.

300–400 a week straight off in either of those categories esp as a new author is very ambitious

I would suggest submitting less at a time to get a better understanding of the process and expectation. With respect there is a good chance that if you have enough to submit high volumes at once then the items may not make the cut in a very competitive space.

Thanks charlie for your comment. I mean $ 300/400 a week but after a lot of work, after a long time. I guess it’s very competitive. How much should I expect to earn a week after a year of work?

I would not want to look snooty, I would just like to understand how much items I should create and how much I could earn. Just to get an idea

How long’s a piece of string?! You may get nothing approved after a year and make $0 a week. You could upload the most popular content Graphic River has had and make $3000 to $4000 a week. It’ll probably be somewhere between the two!

Thanks Space stock, I also think it’s very difficult to quantify and a lot depends on the skill of a designer and the number of montly submission. I imagine that for the first few months it will be a few dollars a month. I only asked what a plausible monthly income could be based on the experience of those who have been selling for years. Sorry for my cheap english

For the other answer, it’s better submit 10 items at time or 3/4? I imagine that the reviewer on 10 logo could discard the weaker one. The Authors have a statistic counter available?

LOL ambitious?! this is an understatement lol many guys like me are very very very far from reaching this despite a large portfolio, so u should better tell the guy the truth … that is to say that unless he is a complete genius there is no way he can reach such an amount, especially as a newbie …

hi buddy sorry toi tell u the ugly truth but a lot of people look for a “get-rich-quick” place but if this is what u are looking for here , let’s face it there is great chance that u get really disappointed … i am an author ever since the end of 2013 and i make around 60 / week at this time and believe me as a newbie i was getting far less, so unless u are a genius like sevenstyles, u should not expect to get the kind of amount that u mentioned

I understand, I was just trying to figure out if it was worth it, I try to insert some items and see what happens. Thanks anyway for your advice.
“For the other answer, it’s better submit 10 items at time or 3/4? I imagine that the reviewer on 10 logo could discard the weaker one. The Authors have a statistic counter available?”
Good job guys :wink:

hey buddy , i guess there is no quota , i guess for u is just a strategy choice indeed … either u put lots of items at the same time and try to get a very big exposure once , or u can have a smaller one on regular basis … hard to tell what is best, i guess it also depends on what u upload , how many items make it which day they are approved too … so much uncertainty for anyone to advice you efficiently to make your own choice … i assume that u should try both and try to check what is going on, what is working well for u … as for me i tried the regular exposure, it takes time but progressively your portfolio is developing and sales too

as for i know there is no kind of counter for rejection or approved items and i feel this is unlikely to exist bu this is just my point of view

u know i think the best thing to do anyway is to be patient and to consider what u create in the first place … lots of guys come here , they feel like that cash is going to fall fron the sky, get angry not to get approved, not to sell much but they do not really pay attention to what they create … normally everything comes on time for anyone who can wait for his time. people have to start with creating good things, then they progressively get noticed , get followers, sales and so on and their flow of sales gradually grows up, trying to get shortcuts is either an illusion, or that people know they have so very great talent that they should “burn the roof” right from the beginning, but big instant success is something that very very little people know indeed

Thank you so much for the advice! I’m pretty sure I can not become rich, but I would not even have time to work, I am a designer in work in agency and I would like to have a small passive income, I could spend only a few hours a week and I wanted to understand if it was worth investing them by creating items or maybe better to go to the beach to swim :wink:

When you are 100% familiar with uploading / review process you can upload even 20 items at the time - I had this kind of situation few times and all of them was accepted (because I do not upload low quality items - don’t do that :wink:

Logos are not best selling items on the market. Anyway even if you are in the best selling category to get 400$ per week is hard to get :slight_smile:

and you want 400$ per week? Literally impossible. It is possible on themeforest if you will sell working template but anyway you need time to support your customers. ;]

hi indeed, thanks goes for me i am a designer in an agency and some other guys like Prassiod are too, s u are from being an isolated case indeed. INdeed, the kind of thing that u described this is what i am doing , too. I just spent a few hours, aside from the numerous working hour in agency …this is also why i wanted to inisist on the fact that making big money here is not impossible but difficult all the same … the less u are running the marketplace full time and the more u will be likely to have to work a lot so that u progressively make decent money … the thing is worth, yes for sure , but , basically this is the same as with agency work … u get much much more work to do than money … though the additional money u make here will be welcome to help u eiher to survive as a designer or to make a little bit more comfortable living … however, i guess tat the rentability of the invested time will greatly depend on your skills,experience and so on , as this is more and more difficult to have items accepted here and thus, part of the work, may not bring u anything unless u get most of your created items accepted , this is this simple. BTW, i highly recommend that u plan to have promoting hours, unless u dedicate sone time to advertising, u may have trouble to get noticed and to sell, but once again, it depends on what u do and your proficency , if u really are a killer, it will work for u no matter what , so i just expect that u are the next sevenstyles lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers now I can better understand this marketplace, I do not think i create a masterpieces here, i use my creativity for the agency works where I can express myself freely. Unfortunately I will have to do some “sales oriented work” and then bend a bit to the needs of the market. … But I hope anyway to be able to create some good works. I am afraid of the fact of the work rejected. What is the approval percentage, 30%? And how can i track visit on my item, is it possible see statistics?

I have 99% works approved :slight_smile: It depends on quality and only quality, if you keep technicals and rules and your work is very good quality it will be approved.

so i must be a real donkey in my case lol i am so much of a genius that my new item that are unique get hard rejected when some guys make carbon copies of my items and they get approved lol

I have to understand how the submissions work, for now I have inserted 6 item test. 5 were published and one was rejected, but I imagined it because it was too similar to another accepted. For now I was lucky I guess.


do not worry i was not talking about my attributes lol