Hi, im new here

Hi, I am new here and trying to create some designs to start selling. Do you guys know how long does it take to get my work approved?

I uploaded and followed instructions to make sure all are correct, but sometimes human makes mistakes too lol. I’ve uploaded like 3 days ago but haven’t heard anything since.

Please let me know what I have to do? Thank you so much

Hope you all have a great weekend!

hi if u believe that robots make no mistake … LOOOL for the waiting time for review this is depending on where u post and what , logos and flyer for instance do not take the same time, for flyers this is about one week at this stage

Hi, thanks for your respond, I uploaded a 4 page brochure. So I guess it will take longer than a flyer or logo?

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In general, you should always expect at least a week for your item to be reviewed. It can be more or less, but a week seems to be about average most of the time.

Thanks a lot guys, you are the best!

I am waiting to have good news from the team to have my first work launched! Finger crossed!

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wish u the best of luck for your sales :slight_smile: