Extreme delay on approvals (just asking)

Hi, this is not a complaint, I’m just curious.

I submitted a poster design 4 days ago and I haven’t had any response yet. I know there’s a ton of work to be reviewed this days, but I just wanna know if this delay is normal. Usualy I have my design approved within 1 or 2 days.

Just simple notice, I used to have some approvals in 3 hours from submission - and some in 10 days on the other side… Asking the support if everything is ok, the response was just theres a lot of files in queue. My latest in past days was 4 - 5 days. Dont worry :sunny:

Oh, ok. As Master Yoda said: Patience. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Well, the best therapy for approval impatience is the meditation while working on the next files :smile:

hi, you know waiting delays really depend on the item / the category, the period and so on and what u have to know is that in a general way reviewing takes from 2 days to 7 , now sometimes , for some reasons u can get up to almost 14 just likely earlier this year and , otherwise, reviewing is normally slower in the second part of the year as there are more uploaded items due to the celebrations of the end of the year …

Hi, thanks for your response, it makes sense I think. Best regards! =)

Ha, ha, you’re totally right!

i just hope i could help :wink:

Good authors and recently approved authors gets approval in 1-5 days. My first item 3 years ago got approved in 8 days.

i don’t think this good… :(((image