I'm losing pageviews. What was the benefit of the new Popular Files page design, again?


It seems new design tested, better now. At least we can see our logos in a proper, not crippled version.


Don’t like this new design at all…! So unhappy…) Dear Envato, please, make as it was back…


These ideas by Anton are brilliant.

Also, I think this new PF page design reminds me of some ugly designs that are seen on a well-known competitors site which always looked very Web 1.0


Now that they’ve gone back to larger thumbnails I’m warming to the new design more and more now. I just wish they’d have 4 or 5 cards per row rather than 3. It all feels very bloated.


I have only two cards in one line. The mobile version has only one. I don’t think that’s good.


Do you really want this?

Right now:

Your suggestion:

Before any suggestions about design, I recommend everybody read this.

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. :wink: Post it just for fun.


LOL! No feelings hurt :smile: But there are plenty of better ways to make the design compact. I would start by making the thumbnails larger, put them at the top left, then the title at the top right, then put the waveform in the middle, and finally the track details at the bottom. Trying to cram the thumbnail, play button and waveform into a single row wouldn’t work for cards that small.


Sure, there are.
But my point is - do not tell professional what exactly he need to do. Simply because you are not expert in such things. For example, I can say in restaurant that the dish was not very tasty. And it’s normal. But I never go to the kitchen and never tell chef what he must do, how many salt he must use and so on. Because I’m not an expert.

Simple task “make compact” engage so many questions and so many issues.

here should be a long post, but I’m too lazy to write it down

after 30 minutes of reading … that is why your suggestions to move that and that, will not work. You skip several steps between research and actual moving things around.

To be honest I hate this “gigantic” trend in web design. It looks like designers take me for a blind man. All those big buttons and text comes from mobile devises. But I have glasses, big monitor and mouse, and what comfortable for mobile is not comfortable for me with my PC.
Web designers follow the trend, and adapt design for mobile… But envato clients use computers. That’s where problem came. And it’s not a fault of one or several designers. It’s worldwide. We live in era of Flat Clean Gigantic Design. No one in web design industry could ignore this. If you ignore this trend, you will lose a job, because you are under a risk that people don’t understand you.

What I may say in the end. Trends are changing. If this trend follow biological evolution rules, soon it will die. Gigantism in species is an agony before disappearance. Most giant beast were evolutionary dead-end. Dinosaurs…

imagine here I talk about biology, about evolution, about whales, about dirigibles, and about other gigantic things

…so that’s why I think this trend will die, and appears something more interesting. Right now we should just wait.


I agree completely. Great post!


That’s right! We’re in the jungle!


Why they removed top seller authors of the month from Popular files list page?

AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

Because Envato is afraid to show how Envato Elements affect sales of AJ authors.

(Please prove me wrong top selling gentlemen)