Illustration got rejected

Hello Everybody,
I created the attached sketch in Photoshop and traced it in Illustrator to create a vector graphic and submitted.But it got rejected saying “We have completed our review of “Digital Sketch of a DSLR Camera” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Can anybody help and give some advice please ?


You can create 10-15 objects with the same syle. Only one isn’t useful. Also you can create a font.

Thank you for the reply. I have a concern, if I submit 10 objects and there is one object they don’t like, will they reject all without possibility to submit other objects separately ?

Think about what is useful for customers and create an item that helps peoples to customize and create using your items. If your only goal is how to get approved it is not ok.

Ok,Thank you for the advice.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t even realise it was a DSLR until I read the rejection notice.

Oh really ? Is my sketch that bad ?:worried:

I wouldn’t say bad, but it’s not quite structured properly, and the lines are so wobbly. Did you use a reference?

lol let’s face it , what u mentioned is not useful buddy … if the guy makes a icon set out of it, this is 1000% guarantied that this is going to be rejected as too detailed a style for icons and who would buy such a set as illustrations, in my view , no one …

Yes. attached.reference

Ok that’s good, I’m glad you’re using a reference, but I don’t think that’s the best one to use. It has a slightly angle which shows a bit more depth to the camera, but that doesn’t translate well in your illustration. Try using a different reference, such as the one below.

It’s taken from a steeper angle, so you can see the shapes and structure a lot more clearly, especially where the lens connects to the camera. You should also remember to include the hotshoe in your illustration, since it’s a prominent feature on many DSLRs.

Since this is a solid, hardbody object, your silhouettes for each element should be straight and clear. You can keep the sketchy look for the actual lines, but for example, in your illustration, the lens has a wobbly curve to it, and the pop-up flash is very squished and uneven, which is basically the case for almost everything.

Maybe that was the look you were going for, but you also need to think about who would buy this, and what would they use it for? Given the subject matter, it’s likely that a professional photographer might want an illustration for their website, or maybe for an advertisement. Either way, your target audience for this particular illustration should be professionals, and your goal is to help them look even more professional, so your illustration needs to look professional. Remember, you have to convince people that your work is worth spending their hard earned money on.

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My comment intend to refer at hand drawing style globally not especially for this camera or creating icons. Hand drawn elements collections are highly demanded. He can keep the style and research what type of elements customers bought most in this area and create a collection.

Something like this

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Thank you for the explanation, would you please reattach the image , it says “this image is broken” (with grayed image)

euh, it seems u did not get it … what i meant is that this is no use to do such effort as, according to me, the thing cannot sell in either categories for different reasons , so this would be a waste of time for him in my view …

i think that he should better go to sell somewhere as such if he wants to keep the same kind of item …

I didn’t refer to GR only

yeah u are right if so, i guess … but several or not, if he targets some places to sell this, he can do nothing but submit what he has right now , at least , this is my point of view …