ID checks.... Seriously?

I been around for quite some time now and I really do not like getting into things, even less going around posting/sharing stuff online. But after getting the new email about having to give you MY PERSONAL identity for you to “verify” myself to sale my assets here… I think you guys have lost your minds - and I will tell you why.

First of all this isn’t a job, you are not my employer and I am not your employe - I don’t work for or with you. With that said, we now have to give you our actual government ID in order to sale items we create?.. Seriously? You guys are NOT the government in any way or form, there are way too many websites out there where you can sale assets without having to give any of that information out.

This is definitely not good and does not make your business more legit at all, no one cares about who made the asset - all people care about is having it and that it works so this ID verification is totally pointless. All I am seeing is a huge hack in the system at some point only to come to the conclusion of - “Oh so what do you know, someone took a lot of personal information from our database we can’t recover”. Your announcements about this is just music to hacker ears, believe that!

You can’t even trust your own employees cause they can take this information and sale it off illegally, it is a very common thing in businesses cause none of you can be on every single employee one by one. I will certainly not be giving my information away to you at all, you guys act like if this was something simple like just an email share or something - you must be out your mind.

When it comes to United States citizens, all we really have going for us is our social security number and ID… Ain’t no way in hell I am ever giving that to some random website no matter who it is unless FULLY government approved or backed up. I see your future here being very grim and having a ton of sellers leave for this, you only need to get your identity stolen once to have a crisis that last a lifetime.

You should reconsider before its too late, that’s all I am going to say on the matter.

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It’s been going on for over 1-2 years already, not sure what to suggest but if you’re not able to provide the ID, your account will be closed/disabled.

There are other stock marketplaces that won’t let you sell without ID verification. I see this more as an industry standard than not. The amounts you can earn with stock reach full-time-job heights, and having to give ID scares off scammers. I see this as a good thing.

But good luck to you, Sir.

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I’m not sure Envato would be classified as a random website but regardless - envato partner with industry leading (and heavily regulated) tech to provide this check, and data is not stored.

More info here and here


I have nothing to worry about, I own three fully online social websites where I can sale all my assets without having commissions taken from me.

I already did my research on the matter and nothing but negative reviews and so on about who they partnered with comes out so well done, and yes Evanto is a random website online cause it is just that - a website. Every website online is the same thing just with slightly different ideas/details added in to catch the eye, I should know I used to own six. Nothing Evanto does makes them special or better than any other out there, there are websites just like it so don’t come to me with delusions. I am here to make my money and not bother anyone, I am not here to have personal issues with people I don’t even know or care about - and even less worry about the day a hacker targets Evanto. I can build a website just like Evanto and take 0% commissions to all members easily then where would you be?.. The only serious websites are websites backed up by the government, cause they are the only ones that need personal verification. The taxes form or whatever it’s called is more than enough information you get for any online member of a website, that’s as personal you can get. No one cares who Evanto partnered with, it doesn’t make them better and it doesn’t make them special - seriously no one cares. As a seller I only care to have a nice, quite place where I can sale my assets without being bothered, I was happy here and everything was perfect.

But as that old saying goes - nothing last forever.

And it is sad really, cause I been here for over 11 years, 11 years of my life watching this amazing place grow. Now all thrown away cause they partnered with some random supposed legit/whatever company. No one cares, what we care about is using your service to make our money - THAT is all you should care about too.

A real business, a real pioneer, a real role model, a real serious organization that wants to see people grow and become better understands this. Nothing is never permanently deleted from the internet and you know it.

Cross, strike out, period - FINAL.

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It’s the same for numerous marketplaces and programmes even the likes of Apple’s Developer programmes, and arguably a decision to help improve the marketplace’s security and protect both customers and authors.

That said, of course you have to be comfortable with the demands of the marketplaces you choose to sell on.

I’m going to be frank with you, what exactly does having our ID information achieve?.. What market place security are you even talking about. You are talking to someone who actually owns websites that rival DeviantART, a leading art website that has millions of members. Do you own any website yourself for over 10+ years?.. From your replies apparently not. What you are here doing is writing down sentences they probably wrote down for you.

First of all, what verification exactly - for what?.. People on here use fake names. No one here register or use their actual real life given birth names, and even the emails to create accounts and sale items can be fake. Ebay/Amazon doesn’t even ask you for any verification and these are websites that far surpasses Evanto. So you going to come over here and tell me you need my ID when they do not?.. Right now would be a good time to simply let go of your keyboard and stop typing.

I wish I could stay here with you guys much longer but apparently it is what it is, good luck with that.

To try and prevent or at least limit this is most likely one of the main reasons that it is implemented. It’s much harder for someone to do this and actually receive payments if they have to provide the ID, tax info etc.

For what it’s worth, you are absolutely right, while we are fairly familiar with compliance and how/why large organisation, brand websites, or communities work, we definitely don’t own our own million member websites.

If there was not a reason to apply photo ID and other verification then other marketplaces even the size of Apple (and actually also Ebay and Amazon for some services) would not have also implemented it.

I think you have been quite rude to be honest - @charlie4282 has given you the time of day to reply, and all you can do is make some random derogatory comment aimed at someone personally. If indeed your business model is so great, then I am surprised why you would even be on the Envato Marketplace. It’s simple - you either want to submit the information requested by the company you are selling your products on, or you don’t. But having a go at people trying to help you is not nice.


You may own a website, but at the end of a the day, it’s just a random website online. Nothing your website does makes you special or better than any other out there, there are websites just like it, so don’t come to us with delusions.

But anyway… DeviantART makes up to $20m a year in revenue. If you’re rivaling that, then I wouldn’t be too concerned about a site you’re barely making $20 a month on and haven’t uploaded to since 2014. Relax… maybe take the yacht out for a spin, or head over to Monaco for a spot of shopping. Treat yo’ self!

P.S. You’re not allowed to have four different Envato accounts. And I’d have to double check the rules, but I’d be surprised if you’re allowed to post links to competing sites in your profile text, explaining that people should go there as they can get the items cheaper.


And in these 11 years you could never figure out the name of the company. “Evanto” is such a random website.

If you happen to create the competing marketplace with 0% commission taken away from the artists, let me know.


How am I rude?.. So stating opinions and backing it up with facts is rude now? Well in this day and age anything you say as long as it is not in conjunction with what another people are saying can be considered rude. I do not care about my business at the moment cause I make more than enough money generating from it, but that is not the point I am trying to make here so I do not even know why you go there. I am not here as a business person I am here as a seller - do not get it twisted. My rudeness doesn’t matter, I state something that has nothing to do with the matter about me owning other websites or whatever and you all go off about that instead of the main point - now THAT is rude - WHY ARE WE HERE > > > TO SALE ASSETS, NOT care about who Evento is partnered with. If they had to partner with someone, something must be going wrong with them, losing money, losing to competition - a company doesn’t just partner with another for good reasons, only to benefit from it. But partnering with a someone who totally adds something BY FORCE that is unnecessary is no way to do business.

You are not understanding the main point I am making, I am not here as a business manager or business owner - I am here as a simple seller. I created 3D models as a hobby and for fun and thought I make extra by selling, that’s about it. Has nothing to do with my website, so please don’t come at me with my own statements about the delusions I was the one that stated. We aren’t talking about the websites, we talking about the services the websites provides - it is all the same. If I am here writing this it is because I seriously care, cause look at my posting over the past 11 years… Nothing, only ever replied three times in my time here.

I am here as a seller, not a person trying to attack the site or its content or what it stands for or what it is about. I am here with the mind set of the seller and what exactly the seller wants out of a service like this. See you people are too quick on by-passing the main point and get on a defense to snipe at any given chance, when I am here trying to state what exactly a seller wants from a website like this you go on about the websites I own which is not the main idea or point of the conversation. I believe all the sellers feel the same way I do cause they are sellers, no seller on here cares the reputation, partners or whatever Evanto (or any site for that matter) is with - all they care about is selling their items and making money. No one ever cared about my other accounts on here but yeah join the community and try to give your thoughts and there you go, I wouldn’t be surprised if now suddenly something happens to my accounts. This is why people do not get involved in anything and people have to stay silent - well done for pointing it out.

Not once in my 11 years here I have thought - Hmm… I wonder who is partnered with Evento to make all this happen? No, never have cause I never cared which I am sure most sellers on here think the same as I do cause all they want is to sale. You can ask 99% of the members of Facebook who is Facebook partnered with and I can assure you 99% of them will not even know - and that is a FACT.

No, it is 11 years of me not caring (until now) and only caring about selling assets without any issues from the service provided. And I already built that website, three of them in fact that will take 0% commission with no banners, no ads, no “Wait 5 seconds before continuing” and no membership. All I have to do is just promote the sites on other sites but I will hold that for now since I have other personal projects. Again, I am not attacking Evanto, if I am here stating what I believe it is because I love them, I would of not stayed here this long if I didn’t like the people, the service, the admins, the mods and everything that goes with it.

Okay, maybe I have been rude but it should be understandable. Come on and understand me - its been 11 years man, there were days I made a great amount of money on here that made me smile. There were times I would log in and check out all the new assets posted and be like - “Man look at that, this person did an awesome job with this model” and so on. It just kind of hurts to know that because of the partnership with another company, that company that has nothing to do with Evanto is forcing something into them that I simply just do not agree with or find necessary - simple solution?.. Got to leave, after 11 years. If that is the kind of people you all are than it seems I was the one living a delusion and I guess it would be best not to be here.

It makes no sense to write all this, nothing will change. If you do not like the terms, find another market or make your own.

Allow me to clarify the point about rudeness. It was not because you made an opinion about Envato, or the legitimate requests from them to verify your identity - it was more to do with your calling out of a fellow forum member trying to assist you and all you could say was:

Which to me read as rudeness against another person on this forum who was doing nothing wrong but trying to offer assistance and advice. You are quite correct in saying that you are here to sell digital assets, and in that case the platform decides how, who, where and whatever else they deem correct. If you do not agree with it, then move on and try other ways of selling your digital goods.

I’m confused. Is it Evanto or Evento?

I would have thought it was relatively obvious why they’ve partnered with them… because they’re a company that specialises in verifying peoples identities, and as a result, they have the necessary skills, experience, infastructure and security procedures in place to do so much more effectively than Envato ever could.

You don’t have to care about them, or care who they are, the information is just provided so you know who does the verification if that’s something that’s important to you. Storage provided by AWS, security provided by AVG, colour science provided by Pantone etc etc… it’s not out of the ordinary for companies to partner with the experts in their respective fields.

And you’re reading a bit too much into their use of the word ‘partner’ if you’re thinking it has anything to do with Envato losing money. We’re just talking about an agreement between the two companies for one to provide verification services for the other… it’s not like they’ve bought out half the company or anything.

Anyway, it’s up to you whether you want to go through the verification procedure or not. You do you.