Authors ID check verifications could not be done

Hi, I would like to inform Envato that I can’t use Photo ID.
I’m very poor person, so I have pretty old half-broken notebook and buttons old phone.
I have no means to get something more.
Yes, there are talented people in our beatiful Planet, who live on $200 Per month.

Also, we had Christian religious restricts for using
‘Seal of Antichrist’ which is tightly associated with biometry & system of face recognize in our religious society.

So please could you set my portfolio to ‘Active’ status, since I have no means and religious permission to use id verification?

If you don’t mind, I prefer continue to use standard name/password entering as always. I’m agree for any risks if it ‘less secure’.
I haven’t any problems with security for 10 years.

Thanks much! Hoping for support. O_o
Your 10 years Graphicriver’s author ranked 313 position.

You would need to talk to Envato Author Support but I suspect the ID verification is a legal requirement which will be unavoidable

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Thanks much, Charlie
I’ll do.