I would like update my design new version and add more pages......

my item “playmovie” I need update my design because it’s old years 2017… I can do it? please give me better adivces, thank you.

at first you should upgrade Bootstrap 3.x to Bootstrap 5.x. It is the current demand that you will go with latest technology/tools/framework.

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I know make bootstrap 5, than I can update it?

I can add more pages, will to approved themeforest?

I would like to say at first upgrade to bootstrap 5 without the design change, It will approve easily. After this you can submit the design change and can add more pages but approve or reject it will depends on the quality and the review team judgment.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I start to make bootstrap 5 but same design after if approved themeforest, I will to update some new design…