Submitting an update?

Hey everyone,

I have a confusion regarding making updates to an existing theme.

I’ve been trying to push an update to my HTML theme for weeks but get ‘Not enough changes’ rejections one after another.

Initially, I believed this to be a valid reason and hence in my subsequent attempts I added more pages and features, my latest attempt #4 includes among critical bug fixes 11 new pages (not minor variations of a single page but new standalone pages) and still fail to get the update approved.

As I’ve seen updated themes with rather small update logs I didn’t anticipate this difficulty in pushing an update to my item.

So at this point I’m thinking maybe I’m not aware of any guideline on updates to an item or something, I’ve worked really hard over the weeks to improve my item and want to see this update approved, could someone please help me figure out what I need to do to get the update approved?

Item in question.

[UPDATE] The update landed in a different reviewer’s queue and after a minor comment it was approved, everyone’s happy now :slight_smile: