Opinion about design (Template)

Hi guys.
I need some feedback about this design. Any help will be very appreciated.


Outdated design.

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I agree with @SPRUKO . Try new one :wink:

Yeah, I also agree with that, try a new template. And if you are out of idea then try research then create one.

@SPRUKO Yes, it’s a design older like year 2015.

@marcoarib you try make more new design like year 2022 (trends), you can search for give idea design more unique and original but you can see other design approved themeforest for inspirations… you don’t copy other design.

Good Luck.


Hi @SPRUKO, @ThemeGer, @ashleyw37 and @JeriTeam. Thank you for the advice. I’ll study more to get the hability to built more qualified designs.