i would like to know why my script get rejected by the reviewer

hello guys
i wanna know why my script get rejected by the reviewer this is demo of the script : demo.flixcode.club

May be design and feature

Because there are many movies script with modern concepts design and features.

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i think the design looks good

You have to accept truth, i am not saying your design is bad.
I mean was your design is very similar to many script that already available on codecanyon
also there are many script with good design and many advance features like neoflex, webflix, MTDb and more look these script, you can understand a gap of designs and features

I am not expert , i am just giving my opinion on your request , there may be many reason of rejection so i thought first design and feature. if there are already many advance script then how reviewer can approve upcoming normal scripts…

Think about it

  • If my words feels you bad then i am really sorry brother.
    Good luck for bright future :slight_smile:

no bro i really like your opinion and i accepte it and i see your pointe about design and im gonna work on it to improve it and add more futures. thank you


The theme looks okay - it is clear and easy to look at on the eye.

My observations are:
Homepage Bootstrap Icons not working (see screenshot)

FAQ Page missing banner image

Most importantly, what is the point of the theme? Since we cannot login to see what the script actually achieves, then it’s hard to see what it is setting out to do.

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script working okey on my own and i already try it on many devices is working fine . and you can login from login in the top you didnt see it ?

Yes I could see the login form - what I meant is that I assume there is an ADMIN AREA whereby you setup the script, choose user roles, etc and Dashboard that page is an admin only login, whereby people can judge the usability of your script. Clearly I know you cannot put those credentials on a forum for all to see, but the admin area might be the reason why your script was rejected - I do not know.
I use Firefox and yes now the bootstrap icons and FAQ page banner are working but at the time when I tested the page, they were not.

Take care my friend and good wishes.

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While sending the script for review, I have attached the login data to the administration. I have fixed the error for the icons and also the advertisement inside the pages. I have resubmitted the script again and I hope that it will be accepted this time. And thank you for your feedback, they have helped me

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