I would like to know how to request withdrawal of my earnings!


I would like to know how to request withdrawal of my earnings. And I would like to know the criteria of author fee in more detail.

I would appreciate it if you could give me an answer about the content below or give me a url related to it.

  1. As far as I know, the revenue from Enbato must be more than $50 to withdraw, is there a menu that I can request for withdrawal? I didn’t find a way. And does the author fee change depending on how much revenue I find?

    For example, if the amount you want to withdraw is $3,750, the author fee is 37.50%, but if you keep it for $75,000 without withdrawal, will it be 12.50%? If I collect and withdraw money, is there a limit to the length of time I can collect? I am a sole seller who only sells in Enbato.

  2. It says that author money changes depending on the amount of revenue I sell.

    Is author fee based on the total profit of all the items I sold?

    Thank you for reading it.

Hello dear,

You can find a payout tab in your profile. please insert a payout method in that.
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It’s not like you can keep hold of your earning till $75000. The commission rate is defined as per your author level. Int his help article they have mentioned that the author fee - in other words commission - is levied on the revenue you are getting by sales of any items. https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472943-Envato-Author-Fee-Schedule

The commission rate is levied on your revenue through item sales not on your withdrawal total.


Thank you for your reply.
Can I ask you one more question?

If you look down, there’s something like this.

“For example, to receive a payment on the 15th Federal, you would need to have a payment account set up and the minimum required for that payment on or before 31st Joanary.”

Does the minimum required for that payout destination mean the minimum amount specified in my payout method? Or am I supposed to set it up?

I registered the method of earning revenue through Payoneer, and I know that Payoneer needs to earn at least $50 or more.

Can I get as much payment as I want on the 15th if it’s over $50? And is there no difference between how much money I withdraw from the total amount?

Yes, it’s a setup. All you have to setup your Payout method and every month all of your earnings will automatically withdrawn to your setup method.

After a payout, if your earnings reach $50 or more, it will be payout in next month.

Usually they locked the payout amount end of the month and deliver you the money in 15-17th of next month.

Hope you got your answer.