New Withdraw Method [Feature Request]



Hi guys I am Uranbold from ThemeWaves Team.

I would suggest new withdraw section on Envato.

1: Authors Partnership, we usually agreed with % split and after item’s ready on the Market then can we include it on Withdraw for Auto?

Example: AUTHOR A & Me splitted profit 50%,50% then we can enter it on Withdraw section with Agreed Item.
Also i had another Partnership with AUTHOR B & Me 40%,60% then also enter it on withdraw?

This is lifesaving new feature and i really love to see that’s implemented in further.

Thanks guys and if you guys think same like me then hit LOVE and +1 :wink:


+1, it will save many hours to calculate profit between partners team:D.


Its really a must have feature.

But I think, this cannot be implemented for only withdrawals page… As partnerships are based on single items…

So they have to build it as a new feature where user can set partnership when uploading an item. so the item will be appear on both authors portfolio (or as a separate tab) and the % earnings should go to both authors account immediately after a new sale. so the author can decide about the withdrawal :slight_smile:

however, this is the logic, but I’m 200% sure that Envato WILL NOT implement such a feature… They already told that :smiley:


Yep it’s already been said they won’t be doing this

I think a few people have made 3rd party tools to track spilt earnings. Something like that would be even easier with the new API


But they don’t have an API for /item/sales/per-month

eg: /item/364366/sales/2015/october/

something like that would be great.