I want to send 2 kinds from the same project

one project i do but i vanna little diffrent versiyon send…

Can I send?

same project but little change. two after effect file…



You can only upload two projects if they’re different enough to be considered two separate items. If you’re just making some minor changes to one project, then you’d be better just updating that one project to include the changes, rather than calling it a new item.

And please stop trying to bump your posts… people will answer them or they won’t.

Everything thank you, my project very good be.

Videohive allows 3 variations on the same theme, but authors cannot sell 2 or more projects that are considered visually identical. If you want to offer 2 versions of your project to customers, consider selling it as a bundle with both projects in one.

one file two ae projecet no problem right.

It will be better if you will include both versions in 1 AE project

I did sent no longer.