I want to know how to upload business card in graphicriver? With logo or without logo?

I want to know how to upload a business card. I confused to upload a business card with a logo or without logo in source file.please help me to approve my design. How kind of design is perfect for approval.

Its depend on ur design bro, u can upload it with or witout logo, but keep in mind, the logo must be original.

U can start looking aroung on trending item on GR to help u understand wht kind of item that meet the envato quality standard.

Hello bro.
Thanks to reply.
Many times I submitted business card with logo. And I make it smart object that can change the logo.
Always I follow the trend of design and make that kind of design.
But unfortunately my design didn’t approve.

It would be more useful if you share exmaples of the preview images for those cards which got rejected

I would be very surprised if the issue is the presence, or not, of a logo

there are the preview images

hi this is not bad indeed , though there is originality about color combinations, a bit about the disposition snd some things lookalike this , ether are still some small issues that u would have take care of all the same …
the logo side is a bit empty indeed and the logo is not properly aligned in the white space vertically
for the other sides, the icons are very basic and look like photoshop presets , i recommend that u shift to something a little bit more elaborated indeed … playing with variations with texts elements would be welcome to strengthen the hierarchy of information as well

Not bad compared with what I saw before. keep the info/contact section and replace the dummy logo with a better one.

I think the design is nice, make sure you set up the guidline, color mode correctly and always use vector layers.Keep in minde that your design should not be similar to other designers.
Wish you best of luck :slight_smile: