Business Card Rejected. I need an psd file which is sucessfully uploaded in graphicriver

Dear All Designer,

Please kindly attention my speech what i am talking about I’m very upset with my design. I already tried 100+ more time to get confirmation for successfully uploaded my business card in graphicriver. But unfortunately i didn’t get any feedback anywhere or any person who could be help me how to upload business card in graphicriver.

So, I need a uploaded files who uploaded his business file successfully in graphicriver.

Please help me

I doubt anyone is going to hand out their files for free. Have you considered buying one?

Are you sure that the rejection is down to how you are uploading it?

With all due respect the magazine cover you shared previously is a long long way off the standard and having a .psd file of an approved item is not going to help fix below standard designs.

You can always share the business card design here like you did with the magazine for more feedback

Yes i know the best solutions for buying business card but unfortunately luck of dollar i can’t do it

Agree with @charlie4282. If you wanna have an approved psd then you will have to buy one.

My main point would be:

  1. if it’s genuinely an upload issue and not the design itself the. Having another file would not help resolve this

  2. if it’s as “inspiration” or similar - you can’t base your file on someone else’s one for obvious reasons

I appreciate its frustrating to be continually rejected but succes here takes time - if the design is an issue the call you can do is focus on learning and building experience.

Can i buy any Business card in graphicriver marketplace by visa Debit Card.