Help Upload Business Card For GraphicRiver

Hello, it already got me. Every time I rework and make new projects and always reject them with one reason - Not according to the standard. Why it is impossible to say what exactly is wrong ???
Here is a photo with the business card itself and all the files and information that I specified. WHAT’S WRONG ?

This is the reverse side of the business card. Also made and the front side.

It doesn’t mean “not according to the TECHNICAL standards”. This means that the problem is in your design.
I see outdated fonts. The phone’s icon is also outdated (the world is mainly using smartphones now). I do not understand why icons are dressed in circles. Circles with icons do not coincide with the lines of texts. The distance between the text blocks is the same as the line spacing. Also an idea with multi-windows is outdated.
I recommend that you study the market in detail to understand what is the trend today.


@romlam, I understood you

If they say that it doesn’t meet the quality standard, then it has nothing to do with how you uploaded them, or how the file itself is put together (usually). It has to do with the fact that the design itself has too many issues and doesn’t look professionally designed.

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your design is too basic I am sure 100% will hard rejected your design.

And when I made a complex design, I was told that it was not accepted for the reason that customers do not understand where to look for information and in general there are a lot of details.
So I do not understand, it’s very difficult - they don’t accept, it’s too simple, they don’t accept either.
But then tell me why they took the business card of one designer. Go to the vizitki and set up filtr on sales, and you will see the most selling business card consists of 1 line, logo and information.

lol in my view this is way more original that a lot of things that get hard rejected in my view , the card is not perfect , there is potentiality to have a slightly better typo and hierarchy but for th card is very tasteful and harmonious

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