I want to edit my product photo. How to do it?

I have an ecommerce website and I want to edit my products gorgeously. For that customer will influence to buy. I have edited myself but the products is not looks like gorgeous.

Now, I want to outsource photo editing. I found the linked website to start product photo editing with 10 images.

Now I want to know about what things need to keep in mind to outsource product photo editing?


Hey @premitbd1 ,
Edit your product photo in Photoshop

Hey there,

If you’re looking for a freelancer to retouch your photo, I totally recommend checking out some AI-powered photo editing apps. I’ve had great experiences using AirBrush for similar tasks. It offers amazing features like Remove Objects and Photo Retouch, which can help you achieve the sharpness and perspective correction you need. Plus, the AI tools can upscale your images while maintaining quality, which is perfect for your requirements.

Good luck with your project!