Can I download comps on photos?

I am doing a lot of audio editing and putting photos to it, but I want to make sure they work for everyone concerned. I’d really like to not have to buy the pics until I know they work with the whole production.

Is there anyway to download demos or comps of photos to do a rough cut without purchasing until the final edit?

As long as you purchase the license for the images, I don’t think it’d be a problem to use it

I get that, but most sites will allow you to download at least a low res version so you can work with it, demo with it, and see if it works in the project before paying for it.

I dont want to pay $25 for a photo and then it not work in the project. That is what I am getting at here.

Depends on the place you download the images, you may entitle to provide the links etc.
Beside that, you could use it though. Just check the details for “commercial” usage