i want help to submit my item

I am asking for help with my Affiliate script new item that is ready to go.
I am ready to pay 100$ for someone that will upload my item to code canyon website and make it ready to go by the standard and will approve it by them.

payment will be done directly to the user Paypal after product approved on code canyon website.

the person must be someone that already did this before!


Please do not share email or skype etc. in the forums.

Noone can guarantee approval so this would not be a good idea to try and have them do.

The process is the same if you do it or soemone else so save your money and do it yourself.

If you need feedback before submission then you can share your demo here.

hello and thank you
i tried to do my self but they reject me and i don’t know why.
i really want my product on them store.

this is my demo site:
Affiliate side: https://demo.affiliatepro.org
Admin side: https://demo.affiliatepro.org/admin

I am not familiar enlough with this category to comment really but the front end does look like the design could do with some work.

Did you include all the documentation etc. that is requried?

Waiting your reply
Thank you


First thing I can’t see any Author badge in your profile. 2nd if you want to be exclusive Author in Envato then you can’t sell your product both Envato and other marketplace.


Ok can you give me feedback what is need to be for codycanyon accept my item?
Thank you

really very sorry to say I am not much familiar with affiliate system. You can check @charlie4282 provided 2 helpful links (CodeCanyon General File Preparation Guidelines and Codecanyon Requirements). Good Luck to your submit at Envato Market

Can you prepare my product to codycanyon?
I will pay you

As mentioned I definitely do not know enough about this category to help but again paying someone is not worth it as no one can guarantee your approval.

For what it’s worth, while again I do not know much about the category - the execution of the item in terms of design looks like it could do with work

What is the things I need to do for make it ready to upload again?

Thank you