I think is time to give up

I have these three rejections, this time I’ve been told they rejected “after much consideration”, such an improvement… I can’t understand why the quality is not good, to me they sound good, better than other item i had approved, probably producing is not my thing. If after one year you can get approved just few tracks while 20 have been rejected it means I should have spent my time playing chess

I listened to your three songs… and if they don’t sound bad at all, they feel a bit “empty” to me, maybe simply a lack of reverb (on the first one, just add some lush reverb on the piano and it will transform the track).

Now, I am nobody to judge, as I have experienced rejections myself, without really understanding why… :slight_smile:

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Sorry man. It can get frustrating. You hear music on the site that seems worse or less useful than your own. It seems they’ve ratcheted up quality expectations but it’s difficult to parse our what those expectations are sometimes.

Thanks for your answer, when I said other items approved i was referring to my own, I thnk most of the authors here are great and I learn lots from this community, is just frustrating waste your time on tracks that wil;l be rejected

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You have to set your mind that it is very good time invested producing these rejected tracks because it is a great opportunity to extract ideas why they were rejected.

I liked your tracks and enjoyed very much but I think they different to the tracks are sold here at this site. I suggest you to excercise your ear everyday listening randomly 5 o 6 tracks and thinking about arragment, kind of sounds used and so on

Another idea would be to post one by one track on the forums so we can together analyse and extract solutions and improvements. For instance tomorrow i’m posting my last hard rejected track

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After being an author here, for 9 years now, going on my 10th, I can tell you one thing! Giving up is easy, but not giving up is well worth the pain! Keep moving forward! One small step at a time! :slight_smile:


so true man
I was a bit pissed off, early morning…

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Cheers mate! Grab a coffee! That removes rejection anger and adds re-upload energy! :smile:

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