I Think, i'm done...

Hello everyone! Here, I received 3 rejections in a row. I would like to hear your opinion on this matter, what is wrong with them, where i’m made a mistake, etc. ??? !!!

A large number of the rejection began to receive even six months ago … Motivation has already been killed and is now sent far beyond the universe!
I hope this is just with me…
All you I wish to continue to develop, sales and success in all endeavors! )))


Hi Oleg, sorry to hear about your rejections. From what others have been saying recently, there have been a lot of surprising rejections this month. I myself had three rejections in a row, after over 100 successful uploads. Very demoralising! To me your tracks sound great. My plan is to put my rejections away in a folder and come back to them in a few months with fresh ears to re-work them and try upload them again- they don’t have to be thrown away!


Thanks for understanding! ))
But unfortunately i doing this many time…when i rebuild my project after rejection and often they rejected it twice or 3 times…After that i just go forward and all…But when it’s more 1 year it’s like a call for me …

HI @ryanimodsound. The acceptance criterion the reviewers follow is tough for sure. AND, It’s a given. So, we must scrutinize, fix, review, and review and fix again before uploading. I like your themes and the energy you put into your music. I hear a few a things in these tracks that probably added up to each rejection. In some cases it’s not much. But again, because of the current criteria, it doesn’t take much to result in rejection. Brief opinions:

  • The Journey: Mix is a bit flat with little depth. Cymbals sound over-processed starting at 1:00 (might be excessive saturation in the high frequencies). Legato strings stop abruptly at 1:00 which sounds a bit unnatural. Ending is weak. Perhaps place soft strings in the background
  • Epic Blockbuster: Distorted Arp at the beginning is distracting and confusing; I suggest removing it or starting the track at around 0:50. The percussion with echo that starts at 1:00 is over-saturated in the high frequencies. The cymbals that start at 1:35 sound over-processed (too much saturation on the highs perhaps).
  • Cosmic Adventure: I really like this. However it sounds like it entails multiple themes which is not advised for stock music. That’s fine for albums and as custom music for movies and credits. However, the sales potential is greatly reduced for stock music purposes. The slow down change of pace transition between 0:50 and 1:40 is too long to be useful in a single project. The rock guitar in the next to final passage is too distorted and a loud compared to the orchestral parts.

I agree with AlisterBunclark in that these should not be thrown away. Rather, take some time to rework and polish them. That extra effort will bring reward to you I’m sure. Good luck!

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I know the pain. I had been rejected many times too. I think Envato wants to limit approvals and focus on quality. I guessing that soon there will be huge clean up of an old and non-saled items.

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Your tracks are quite good. In my opinion you are “almost there”, but you need some polishing.

I have similar thoughts (but not all) like @MidnightSnap.

For me the most important thing is that you have the tendency to use too many instruments/layers in middle-high band (for example strings in first track). For me also this middle-high band is too bright/saturated/loud in terms of frequency balans of whole mix (for example arp in second track). Make sure that you have monitors/ear phones with flat frequency response.

I can hear also some minor problems with vst, especially with strings. They could sound more natural, so maybe try discovering new libraries. But in my opinion those strings that you use, can be enough to make natural sounding strings, but sometimes it takes more time to achieve natural sound. And also sometimes I’ve heard some not obvious string phrasing. Maybe it’s because of those libraries or maybe you should make more convenient string phrasing.

Don’t give up, you are almost there! If I were you, I would try to make new music with different libraries, different way of creating tracks and maybe even slightly different styles. Only for training you can make pastiches. It should help.



Thanks to all for constructive criticism and support! ))
For me it means a lot! :slight_smile:


So, i try to edit 2 my preojects,and nothing,just got 2 rejects.
That’s new version of these projects

Yep…Soundcloud is compress a qualityof bitrate …(((

Hi, @ryanimodsound.

I don’t know much about composing orchestras or classical music but I know that the things you shared here are good but not yet perfect.

Don’t go for less than PERFECT. I know it is a “given”, but the reason the competition today is so harsh is due to the fact you need to deliver good sound and most importantly - feelings!

From my experience with mixing and engineering, you need to make sure every sound is delivered in it’s “natural” state, meaning - you don’t want to manipulate the sound so much that it becomes with no depth, definition or character.

I hear very good sounds but they are kind of eliminating each other.
The drums are lifeless and very flat and the strings/pianos, for example, are very big - too big even. Perhaps that is why they “eat” everything else.

Hope that gave you some ideas. In any way, never give up! always push forward and try to imagine how you hear the instrument once the process is done. How you want it sound for the listener.