I received trademark claim with template name, solved

Today I received a trademark claim with template name, They are saying

"It seems like we have a trademark issue with a theme name. Please contact us back. We would rather talk to you directly than submit cease and desists to TF. If we do so they will lock your account and payments. You can also find us on to quickly resolve this. "

I’ve checked this author’s profile on TF but they’ve no item here to sell, as well as I’ve search on TF there is only one item with Name, that is mine,

What should i do now, please advise

They seem to have a theme with the same name which they are selling on their website (the username you mentioned + .com)

I would say to request from them more info: the registration number of their trademark, the year they registered the trademark on this word, etc Don’t let anybody blackmail you, request all proofs.

You can find an international trademarks database here: http://www.wipo.int/branddb/en/ you can check there if they are right.

If you have any more doubt or need assistance, you can also contact Envato Help&Support and request guidance.


I agree with @hevada and it seems odd that they would not have shared the registration details from the offset.

I think you are well within your rights to politely go back and ask for evidence (should only take a simple link) upon which you would be prepared to change the name. Theme selling an item with the same name is not a trademark.

I would also try to keep as much of the comms as possible on envato channels or via envato profiles.

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If I were you I would talk to them to solve this out, You template name is hurting them and I think they can accept your terms to solve this out

I would suggest asking envato support.

Service Marks are complicated and definitely not something you should be taking finite advice on from a public forum.

To be honest, I’d rename the item, make it Kretuz or something, haha! :smiley:

It’s not worth the hassle and stress. If they decide to sue you, you’ll just go through a long and unnecessary process. It appears they do have the name trademarked in certain regions and this can cause issues since Envato sells internationally.

I’d rename the item and get everything sorted that way! :slight_smile: These things happen!


Thanks for advice

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