I need your help my template was rejected..

Hi Everyone,

Please make a comments on my template why it was rejected.
See the demo here


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Portfolio section is broken after load, you need to use some sort of lazy load on those images.

Other than that it is not bad, it is just not unique enough. It doesn’t bring anything new and doesn’t do anything better then hundreds of existing portfolio templates. It also certainly doesn’t feel premium. You will need something much more advanced to be approved here IMHO.

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Thank you so much LSVRthemes. I really appreciate your opinion.

“My happy clients” section isn’t looks good on mobile. One colum will be best I think. Also have lots of spacing issues on mobile.

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Noted ThemeDraft will fix it before resubmitting. Hoping that on my second attempt in submitting it, it will be accepted.

Thanks a lot…