I need your feedback please

I submitted html template, and I got hard rejection.
Can you please give me advice, on what plan, I need to improve my work.
this is the link:


  1. I think Design Quality standard mean your template design is basic/practice level need improve.
  2. Out of Importance content.
  3. Spacing Problem.
  4. Design Quality null/Blank.


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Thanks for your feedback,
I am not a designer myself, I am a developer,
so do you think it is a good idea to use PSD files, especially from Envato Elements, or other freebies?

also, I think there are some conditions about css files “header” and “table of content”

The design definitely needs rethinking - bear in mind you cannot use free PSD designs and especially not PSDs from elements or themeforest without explicit permission, licenses or agreements from the original author


yes, you have to keep good table of content in your css file for your client or purchase who can understand well about your css file.

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