I need support


I need support for Sahifa Theme… I can not access http://support.tielabs.com… I can’t access, I can’t recover my password, I can’t get a new registration… I want replace Sahifa comment system for Facebook Comments (https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-comments-plugin/) but automatic configuration of the plugin is not good, I need edit Sahifa comments.php (maybe?) and put a shortcode like this (echo do_shortcode(’[fbcomments]’);)… some functions will not work properly, like comments count, the comments widget, etc… can you help me?


Ask them in comments section.


I am able to access their website? Ensure you are registered up to their website correctly and verify your purchase code in their system to access specific sectors of their website, good luck! :slight_smile:


well, tielabs.com password is the same of envato.comtielabs.com doesn’t send password reset message… maybe this could be clearer for users… thank for your help (crelegant and Palzme)…