Sahifa Theme

I build a swf for top banner area. I embeded it but i cant put it on center. It stays on left margin. Would you help please?

You should contact the author directly.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: looking for the author. how can i find the contact information of the author?

I purchased the Sahifa theme and love the functionality but am having a few issues/questions:

  • Where can I style the main navigation? I only see an option for Top menu not for main nav.
  • Slider is really slow, and even with the Featured image plugin the images are stretched out. Any suggestions? The thumbnails are fine but not the slider or "pages you might like".
  • How do I make sure sub-cats show up in breadcrumbs as well as the categories? It seems sporadic - some pages do and some don't.
  • Can I add a title to the Sahifa Search widget? There is only a box with nothing on top of it. Would be nice.
  • Where can I edit H2 and H3 tags? The font is too big and I am unable to edit CSS for some reason.
  • There is nothing in the Advanced tab - where I am supposed to define social media options. Why?
  • How/where can I edit the mobile view?
  • How do I get a Home symbol button instead of just saying Home?
  • PopShops plugin - only allows to add in a shop horizontally (main) and not vertically (sidebar). Is this a PopShops question?

I am currently transitioning my site to wordpress, so before I go live it's at

Thanks for any help. If this is not the right place for these questions, please point me to it.

You need to contact the author but some of those request are customizations and beyond support and yes the PopShops question would need to go to the plugin developer.