Help me pls..


Hi @SakalliDede ,

In your first screenshot you can see a alert popup showing some plugins currently inactive. you have to activate those plugins.


It seems active in the 2nd screenshot and I had it enabled already

in the 2nd screenshot you have to click on activate. if already activated then please contact your purchased theme author, theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Also you can check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.


Uploading: ss10.PNG…

I opened a ticket but nobody answered. Can you please help me? Very important. Don’t let my money go to waste :frowning:

please give them (author) time to get back to you. theme author is the right team to help you.

Author will provide you support and help on that one

If you’re trying to install the theme on your localhost, it’s more like configuration/PHP issues that you need to solve by on your own

Nobody looks at the support ticket. 24 hours have passed but no one has answered. I’m sorry that my money is wasted. It is not my fault. I checked and researched everything. An error appears to have occurred in the PHP file. I am very victimized right now :frowning: