someone please help help help me!!!!! with Contentberg theme!!!

I am currently using Contentberg theme on my blog. who is the creator for this theme? how can I contact them?? I am super frustrated!

and I have so many issues!! UGH! I HATE WORDPRESS AND THIS THEME!!
so recently I have updated the theme to the latest one and it seems like all the widgets are not working and is broken.

First question is, every time I publish a post (with the latest, recent date and time) It does not reflect real-time. I have using ‘legacy widget’? for every page, however I have to update the page with widgets EVERY TIME I publish a new post. AND publish the whole website on ‘customize’ in order for this new published post to be shown on the blog page.

Second question is, how do I create this footer with about me, contact, buttons etc. the widgets and this theme and the wordpress is SOOOOOOOO COMPLICATED AND I DUNNO WHO TO ASK HELP TO!!! IfPLEASE HEEELPPP MEEEE!


Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author @ThemeSphere will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query: