i need some advice how to build my first items

Hey there , im a new user , i found a bit difficult to upload my items yet cause they rejected my first one , can i have some help …

Hi! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grinning: Yes, sure. Share preview of your rejected items here. I am sure people will point you to your mistakes

ok bro sure

hi first of all the illustrations are very distorted in the first place , so whether this is a problem with the main file or only potentially the preview , this is a "don’t " and this is making it hard for u to have it accepted in the first place. Otherwise, if ask me the general style is very “raw” this is lacking finesse at this stage and sometimes until this looks like there are some execution issues. It also hard to identify at first sight what the item is supposed to be all about as this looks like illustrations but on the other hand , texts make it rather unclear indeed. the moon is not realistic, there is a lack of shadowing between elements so that “people can buy it” and for the last item , it looks like that there are a compilation of elements in different style hat have been piled up indeed

hi , thanks a lot of your advise , well i know when turn my items to the preview images turned to be distorted like that but in the main file totally different …thanks of your help bro

I also have some issues to upload correctly my items. Will try again.

yeh sure we wont give up hhh we are to ear other experience