My item was rejected, not sure why.

Just received rejection on this item. Not much explanation provided why it was rejected. I’m just curious to see what the community would say about it.
Any feedback will be appreciated.
Thank you,

The smoke is decent, though I think the edges are a bit too rough, I would expect to see a bit more transparency and softer edges.

The preview also needs some work. In my opinion, you should completely redo it without the 2D graphics. Edit the smoke into real photos to show how realistic it is. Have at least one full-size smoke asset the goes across part of the preview to show the 100% resolution. Have a section that shows each of the smoke assets small and isolated to show how many there are and what they look like.

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Thank you very much for feedback XioxGraphix,

You refreshed my perspective a little bit, very helpful. Will try to apply most of them, will come back with new results. Will appreciate your opinion again. I’m a little rusty, was not very active on Envato lately.

hi for me there are several issue to be pointed at. Forts of all the global style looks like a “sprite” one but this is not , which is sort of confusing in the first place. Otherwise, the illustration turn out to be a bit simple and lacking some details for a “regular illustration” (i assume that this could have been ok for a sprite one, but this is not …). the presentation is also really super dark, almost gloomy i might add … u have to identify that the preview file is an essential one as this is working as sort of an interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer in the first place and then potential buyers in the other side. U have to make sure that the preview is selling, looking as good as possible, looks punchy and everything … what u have at the moment is not only simple but very dark as i mentioned above , not to mention that introducing the moon here is awkward in such a context lol the moon is blue and the sky is black around … for me there is a “killing gap” when it comes to realism … besides, as i started to evoke realism , when u put the factory in the dark / black background and that there is no effect on windows there is a real issue if u ask me … hard to believe that the factory would work by night without opening the light lol the dark environment also seems to have no impact on the smoke, which is very unlikely too …, same goes with the truck and everything in the end … the text part that u introduced there also looks in diverging style with the rest of the illustration, too …

Thank you very much for your feedback n2n44

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you are welcome :slight_smile: if u have enough clues of what to do with your item, pls check the “solution” box , good work and good luck :slight_smile:

Yes, awe course. Thank you

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