I need help my design rejected


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Hi, This is completely out dated design. You need to must redesign and improve quality.
Please check resolution, fonts, graphics and images, spacing and alignments and colors.

Please follow below link and check popover designs.

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I think Rejection reason is design quality!!!
more good design already exist on envato market.
And i saw you design is little out dated with some issues like visual hierarchy, alignment issue.

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i can redesign submit

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after sufficient change you can resubmit.

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Will the new ID be approved with a home page

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It will be approved if any section is changed

Its depending on your item quality and reviewer team.
Now one here give you guarantee about your item approved.

Approve the new ID with a home page

That can be suspend your account!!


i like your design but you need more colors

Once rejected don’t submit again same item same account or different account. In case submitted When finding reviewers then your account will be suspended or terminated.

Can you give me Design job

kindly improve your design. because it is some section are not proper align and not good color palate.

its template any problam

Sorry but this still looks rather amateurish with LOTS of copy typos (“provide”, “batter”, “hotal”). You need spend MUCH more time working on your design skills and while you are at it, work on your English as well. It may be a minor thing, but such broken English doesn’t really send a good message to your potential customers.
Doing a minor changes and resubmitting every week is a waste of time and it will eventually get you banned. You need to improve significantly and that needs months or even years of work.

your design is not good. like that

not proper align
pixel prefect not mention
color plate not good
font typography problem