Got Rejected Second PSD Web Template

The design is very clean and modern but TF rejects it without any reason. I think they do it just because of submission from a new profile(no items till now). The PSD designer is established and he has other PSD designs approved on another TF profile. Can you guys help me what is the issue with this design? I humbly request you to give suggestions. @cssninjaStudio @codecarnival @zcubedesign

Abu Hena

Hi AbuHena,

I have saw your item that not bad you have done a good job i saw but 2 area home and divider(LookingForProject) area little good as a design section but other all of section area common design my opinion try to create/implement a little bit more unique design hope will approved.



Thanks for your suggestion.

what is your item category AbuHena ?

It was under Creative Category.

Okay then update your design.

Thanks again.

I think your design is good but maybe it is not unique, you need to make a unique design, it will accept tf, thank you.

And also typography problem because I don’t like your font, you can change to use another font.

I have used Roboto and Poppins which are widely used in Themeforest Items. Why you don’t like it? Which Font you will suggest?

Yes, but they are not good fonts, so try other letters will be better. It also looks very thick typography so I don’t like it.

Hi you can chose a typography from this link what are envato market recommended . No worry about jeriteam word.


Why do you say you don’t care about me? with my tastes more quality typographies. With respect.

Actually I believe that you don’t like his typography it does not matter cause it is depending on envato review team like as their quality wise or not.
You or me isn’t a big deal.
Reviewer team recommended typography for all of author.


Stop posting your reply with argument !!!


Usually everything is design related. Your work is good, but simply not good enough nowadays. The competition level has increased dramatically and you will need to come up with something astonishing to pass. This would have been approved 5 years ago. Please sharpen your skills as you’ve taken a good path. Practice a lot more and leave PS for XD of figma. PS feels quite outdated imo. A lot of work for you to do, but you’ll eventually get there. Don’t resubmit that kind of work, start your personal shop, do some client projects and come back on Envato when your designs start to shine.

Good luck.

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For what it’s worth, I really like the design and I would consider purchasing it if it were available.
Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your feedback.