I need feedback on this track Rejected

Could anyone give me an opinion, what was stopping this music from being approved by AudioJungle?

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I’m confused, it’s seems alright, nothing so crucial in my opinion. First of all, track is really nice. So let’s try to find out what was it, i’ll just throw at you some ideas.

  1. Bells was too loud at high frequencies?
  2. Needed to add some more effects (like reverbs, maybe some manipulation with stereo field), track seems to be very wide, open and bright, but percussion is almost inaudible (there is some right?).
  3. They like works with strong background sound and a lot of going on, a lot of tiny things that you almost not hearing in other works.
    And again i don’t think it’s too crucial here, it’s just some ideas to guess or to go with.
    Good luck here anyway!

the whistle is annoying.

In my view :

  1. Make your beat louder (drum, percussion)
  2. You whistle all time. Please less whistle.
  3. Make your glockenspiel lower in volume.
  4. Let the Drum and beat come earlier for more contrast.
  5. Please make a version without whistle.
    Hope it help you.

I think there is not enough percussion (drums) in the beginning and bass. Also
throughout the track - bells and whistles, track repetitive. I would add additional lead instruments.

I managed to change some things,
The Glockenspiel is very sharp, reduced to an octave below,
I worked better in Mixing, and I inserted 2 versions, in the end I decided to eliminate Whistle,
Was really bothering …
In the second version I inserted some strings to differentiate, and the claps and clicks of the finger.


I agree with MikeStown. The mixing could be better.
The second version is much more better! In my opinion, it is quite applicable for sale. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m trying to follow the directions of all the friends who are judging here:

And now you Serge_Oaken, and today I’m already in my home-studio trying to improve this track once again!

I’ll come back later !!

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Now with the changes made!
I hope A.J accepted this time!

Uowww! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Now yes ! :grin:

Accepted my music, now let’s wait if I will get good results with this song! :raised_hands:

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good to see your track approved. Have a good sale man. Happy new year.

Thank you "LongXmusic"
Now I hope you have the sales …:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Happy New Year !!