Project feedback please guys!

Hey AJ’ers
Would this be okay for submission? i know the mixing needs tweeking a bit, and i will sort that out, but you get the idea! :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone!

Good track, but some whistle notes not realistic )

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Nice track , nice sound )))

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You need to duplicate whistling throughout the track. Because when the whistle sounds alone can hear that it is the VST. I wish you success in this!

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@LuckyBlackCat Thanks fella, I’ll sort that out! :+1:t2:

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@WildLion_Production Thanks mate! :+1:t2:

@HeartDrumMachine Thanks fella, I’ll sort this, I know what you mean! :+1:t2:

Good idea, but the whistle can be replaced by another instrument, let them play one by one. You may be able to speed up the pace. :slight_smile:

Nice one! Whistling is nice as well, but only when chorused (or double tracked), like in the beginning, but starting at 0:27 it is really artificial, i think you better replace it or add some layers of the melody! Good luck!