I need feedback my item was hard rejected

Hello, my item was hard rejected. I have created a very simple script much better than the following scripts:-

Craft Laravel Admin Panel - CRUD builder, Users, Role, Permissions & Settings by Quebix-Technology

Vanguard - Advanced PHP Login and User Management by loshMiS | CodeCanyon

Xavier - PHP Login Script & User Management Admin Panel by Siggles

Josh - Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD by jyostna | CodeCanyon

I have created a new item called Laravel Administration


L: admin@admin.com
P: 12345678

Laravel Administration makes managing your data easy and simple. It comes with tools that help you create and manage your database tables without a fuss, and it handles picture fields well. All you need to do is set up your app, build your system, and start using it without any complications.


Demo Link: https://laravel-administration.actyte.com/

Super Admin Login Details

Username: admin

Password: 12345678


  • Schema Builder and Code Editor
  • Artisan Command to create superuser php artisan createsuperuser
  • Permissions: Every database model has 4 permissions. One a new model is created its permissions entries are added
  • Auth Groups: Create auth group to manage different permission levels of your app
  • Add user to auth group
  • Manage data using CRUD operations: You have full control which data can be managed by CRUD
  • If data management is not needed for a CRUD Rollback/Remove CRUD
  • Built in Search and Pagination in CRUD
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Remember me token
  • Dark and Light mode Support
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • CSRF Protection for all forms
  • Responsive Dashboard Design
  • Design Optimized for Mobile
  • Blade Format with Master Layout


Auth and Permissions

Schema Builder


Exciting new API Builder to come in the next version


Version 1.0.0

Initial Release


I’m sure your app has many qualities, but I understand why Envato rejected it.
In my opinion (this is just my opinion of course):

  • The 1st impression isn’t good because the design isn’t very polished. Flashy green text on white doesn’t strike me as the idea of the century.

  • It’s not clear what you can do with it: is it an authentication module? A CRUD generator? How was the employees table generated? Does your tool allow you to do this, or will it analyze existing tables? etc.

  • Is there any documentation (this is vital for publishing such a tool)?

  • What is the shema builder? Models? Migrations? If users need to know Laravel programming, that’s problematic (or Envato probably isn’t the right place to publish: the target is non-programmers, or programmers with more general knowledge).

I’m an author, but even so I didn’t understand exactly what your tool is for or who it’s intended for.

As I said at the beginning, I’m sure your tool has potential, and my aim is not to criticize for the sake of it, but to help you and play devil’s advocate to explain Envato’s rejection.

So I hope I’ve helped you a little.

The items you’re sharing as “approved” the most recent one is from 2021 as well as the oldest one is from 2014. As the “item” standards go higher and higher every single day, you cannot compare your items with those ones.

In addition, the design lacks of details and color combination is not good at all. I’m not sure if your item is offering anything new to the marketplace but if you’re just basically having the same features on yours, even though you fix the design issues, you won’t get approval.