I just think I am not good enough to match the greatest product reviewer of themeforest.

I am really upset with the quality checking of the template
The template is not good enough so that themeforest team rejected 4 times. I wish there would be little knowledge of cryptocurrency. Even the quality checker doesn’t have a single themeforest product but and his last product was approved in 2015 but he is the best guy to reject me 4 times.

It is just great.


I have see your item design quality.It is under Practice level!! Standard level is so far.I think you need to get in touch with UI/UX designer.May be they can teach you something about themeforest quality standard.


Think customizability mate. You have a major defect with your item. The bottom part is a GIF image? ( https://jmp.sh/AFWJpDZ this)

What if I want to change that but I have no graphical experience as a buyer?

Think flexibility! The more rigid the item, the higher the chances to get a rejection, and even if you don’t get rejected, the higher the chances of getting 1 star ratings based on rigid code! :slight_smile:

It’s a learning process mate, it takes some time! Overall, you’re going in the right direction, but this is not an official review, just the thoughts of a colleague author! :slight_smile:

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@anon35229765 I checked your template and trust me bro you are no way near the quality standard envato want. You are below average so you have to do a lot more practice in this and try something as per trend.

no problem bro. This is suggested by pro crypto trading platform owner. And I already sold it 9 times $600 each. So, whatever happened is good for me. I am really glad I am not that much pro designer. Otherwise I would earn $180 only.