High Reject Please Help Me


My item High rejected, please advise me


I have saw your item most important reason of rejection is Design quality that is my opinion.
More good quality item already exist on Envato Themeforest.
Study and research about themeforest design quality hope your item will approved.


thanks for your reply how can ı learn themeforest quality trends?


With respect just my personal opinion your template has issues as like premuim design lack, spacing issues in section to section you din’t maintained same space (at bottom you have 1rem+1rem=2rem more space) and also spacing issues in design elements, line height, typographic, font issues. You have used to many animations. you didn’t take care of responsive design, in small devices there are many issues. you have to provide unique aesthetics design with best UI.


There is no specific tutorial for themeforest quality trends. It is depending on you skill & experience :slight_smile: