I just have a simple question. How do I place animation over video (getting rid of black background)?

Hi This is liekly obvious to you, but I’m a brand new user.
I just have a simple question. How do I place animation over video (getting rid of black background) in iMove?

I imported the file and it has a black background. I don’t know how to make the background transparent and put it over the footage i need.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


your animation should have an ‘alpha’ channel, otherwise you won’t be able to do it… according to this short tutorial, if you import the animation with the alpha channel it should automatically remove the black background:

hope this helps :wink:

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reply to my question!
Really! That was very kind!!!

Thank you again,

No problem and good luck :slight_smile:

You need to look files PNG + alpha channel. You can create an alpha channel and remove the black color, but for that you have to answer the question. What program do you use for video editing?

She’s using iMovie.

Oops. It’s summer and i not attentive. I do not even heard of such a program. Excuse me:)

Not entirely sure if you’re joking, but just in case… iMovie is kind of a basic version of Final Cut Pro. It’s like Windows Movie Maker but for Macs. Although it’s quite a bit more ‘feature-rich’ than Movie Maker.

I’ve not used it, but apparently it’s pretty good. Unless you need all the bells and whistles of FCP or Premiere then it should do for most standard edits.

I’m new to forums, and have to say it’s so lovely to see people helping each other in a dialogue to help solve problems.

I received a reply from the maker of the product: Christmas Sparkler in Slow Motion.

Hello Heather,
Unfortunately I do not know anything about iMovie, But all editing programs work the same way.
You need to use Screen or Add blending mode or Luma Key for blending this footage over any image or video. And using Tint, Curve for change color.
If you can not mix a video using blending modes then I will prepare for you a video with alpha channel. But this video is going to be very havy for editing softvare and size of this video takes much GB. I can notupload it on Videoniv but I can upload it on any fileshare.
If you’ll have any more questions, feel free to ask.
Best Regards!

I’ll call Apple today and see if they know anything about ‘Screen or Add blending mode or Luma Key for blending’.

It feels like this should be something I ought to be able to do myself in iMovie…

Thank you again!