I have said this before and will say again - the HEADER!!!!

I do not understand what they are doing with the headers but these authors are doing something odd and weird, all of them. The header is utterly and literally impossible to edit what so ever and I do not under as to why.



In each theme, there should be an option to edit the default elements in the header. Default elements are logo, menu items, some additional text (if there is any) like phone number. The default elements also can be social media.

What I want to say, all elements which you see on live demo - there should be a options to change that (usually in Customize part or in Theme Options).

But, if you want to change the default layout of header (and if the header is not created with some page/visual builder) then you must change a code/source files or to use some plugin which will allow you to create a totally new header - there is no other way.

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I have download over 100 themes and none of them has that option. I have been saying this and saying this and somehow you all are trying to convince me I am wrong

Just for clarity using a couple of the themes mentioned in your other thread… as @CocoBasic suggested, you can see the header option exists in all of them both as theme options and as editable PHP.

The exact options might vary between themes but they will all be there.

FYI some of the ones you shared are Elementor Kits not themes, where the process may also be different and the header controlled from elsewhere.

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More examples based on the shared links…

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You are convinced you are correct aren’t you?

Then i PM a user name and password, you log into my site and fix it, i will pay you and you can shut me up for good okay?

This is not about being convinced I am right - all I was trying to do is demonstrate that there appears at least to be a solution to your issues.

I don’t take on freelance work or reply to PMs due to the number we get, but if you post here which theme is is that you are trying to edit then we are happy to try and screenshot where you need to look.

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This is why Envato needs the Studio