Can't Edit Default Logo & Header in Purchased Theme PLEASE HELP!

I purchased a theme to start building my Word Press website. In the header, I uploaded a picture as the logo in me header. I noticed in the mobile view of the website, the logo disappeared and default text appeared where the logo was in the header. Now, the logo is gone on the desktop view and the mobile view. I can not re-apply the logo I want and I can’t get rid of the default text that is showing.

I am new to Word Press, but could not find the default text showing in place of my logo in the Style sheet or header CSS code.

Please help me delete this default text and re apply my logo to the desktop and mobile view. My website is

Thank you,


Hi @adammiller90,

Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately you won’t find an option to change your header text in any of CSS files. On the other hand your header image is currently visible on the website. Have you found a way to change it on your own?

If you still can’t see it on your side, please make sure to clear your browser cache, both on desktop and mobile.

In case of further problems consider contacting @cmsmasters, the author of Politics theme:


Hi Adam, thanks for choosing our theme, and also thanks for your question!

Please note that in order to change theme logo there is no need to edit the theme files, just please proceed to the Theme Settings - Appearance - Logo tab: and set your Logo Image and Retina Logo Image for the retina (mobile) displays. It is recommended that you add an image for Retina logo twice larger the size of the default one.

For any further assistance, questions and other needs, please submit us a personal request via this link with relevant WordPress credentials and our support agents will be happy to help you with the theme set up.

Thank you!