WP theme in themeforest that we can choose different HEADER POSITION on different pages ?

hi, envato community

i need help, can you please refer me to WP them in themeforest that we can choose different HEADER POSITION on different pages ?

exp:, on HOME PAGE i need the header in TOP position, but in specific page, i need the HEADER in LEFT position

my purpose is to create MEMBERSHIP website, that the layout similar like the APPS style when customer LOGIN, but the frondend (home page ), they layout become similar like any landing page with TOP header

most WP theme i found , they only support ONE HEADER position in the GENERAL setting, but in specific page i can’t find any setting to CHANGE THE HEADER position

hope you can help me, thanks


I think moving headers around would be a pretty rare request. You may need to get a freelancer to make custom edits for you. If I might suggest Envato Studio? :smiley:

@KingDog, actually there are a lot of themes capable of such “rare” things. :slight_smile: Setting a default header position and changing it on per-page basis is a pretty standard feature nowadays.

@jono223, all our themes can do that, but I guess you need a multi-purpose business theme. Feel free to check the Koda Theme

Good to know :smiley:

I’ve always assumed a header should go in the header :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is just a simple example - http://koda.althemist.com/main-demo/home-portfolio/

While almost any theme supports this layout, there are also a lot of themes that can actually change the default header position and style (top, left, standard, transparent, overlay etc.) on per-page basis.

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can the SUB-menu on that left header become DROPDOWN list, not like the demo ??

It can be a standard single-column sub-menu instead of mega menu.