I have problem with my website. its pointing same pages.. I donno why... but it was working fine. suddenly changed all. but note i didnt do any settings...

I just create website. and added pages too. It was slow when i use admin panel. But still i finished almost my web page 1 week ago. I checked today. It’s showing same page to all my other page. for example: when i click “Contact us” its shows “home”. when i click other pages. shows same. I checked with other PC. other internet service provider too. same issue. sometimes its working. again same. but i didn’t change anything in my admin panel. but all pages have different content. what exactly going on? Note: But, website is speedup now! automatically… also sometimes working. sometimes its shows other page then not home page. why? This is first time m facing this issue. I have another wordpress websites too. they all fine. I checked with hosting providers too. they said there is no issue with hosting.

Hi @marianorubharajan,

Welcome to the forums! While your pages may be already finished, you need to check if menu is up to date :slight_smile: Please go to “Appearance > Menus” section on your WordPress dashboard and recreate menu if needed.


my issue website is bmasl.org

Note: Menu all updated… I mean Its working… then not working… if you check maybe it will work for you. then after some times you will face same error… It’s first time. something looks weird

I can see difference when this issue parents. that page load so fast. but after sometimes i can view all pages. that time page load takes bit time. please kindly check it

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Well, I can confirm that your website behavior seems to be unnatural. Please try to reset your permalinks and temporarily disable any caching plugins, then clear your browser cache and try again.

In case of further problems please contact Fevr theme support:


Yes… thank you… i cant change my permanent links. its says web.config. so i have to contact hosting provider for that…

You can change permalinks from your WordPress settings panel:


I know this to changing permanent links. but when i change this. it’s says configure web.config…
But I still wonder how this website changed its self without my knowledge… I will explain… before when i try to install plugins. i faced problem. it was 500 internal error. then very slow admin panel (Aprox 65 sec. per click). I cant see live preview. i have to refresh from other tab. then today this issue. but when i go to my admin panel. its load so quick (aprox. 2 sec per click). live view also working. but this issue still present. but i didn’t change anything. Is there is any auto updates ? or troubleshooting with wordpress?

I’m afraid I can’t provide you with the answer, you should contact theme author and let them access your blog if necessary.

I’ve noticed someone reporting similar problem a while back in theme comments section though, so it may be down the theme itself, although there’s a chance that this still is a server issue.


yeah you are right. it should me server or down the theme it self. coz if this issue appear while i do some changes in settings i agreed there is plugins or some other with my settings. but i didnt do anything. actually last two days i did not login with admin panel. its changed its self. It’s okay dont worry. you can answer. I just want to know that you face this problem in your experience ? also please send the link who comment with this same issue? btw i open the ticket and send the message to theme as your link. but i didnt get any replies. its says 2 working days

I would be happy to answer, but I simpy don’t know what’s the structure of given theme. The only person able to answer your question is theme author.

This is the comment I mentioned, it’s not the exact same problem, but has something do to with page speed issues:


Site is okay now. but speed is bit okay.
also thanks again…

also i need a really help with parallax header

How to do parallax header as visible full? I attached example screen shot. that logo should come center. But its hiding down… same like this all things hiding. or out of screen. why?

Screen shot is there. also you can see live about us -> History

Theme author no reply…

Unfortunately theme author is the only person that can asnwer your questions. Please wait for their response, it should take few days at most, usually less than that. Make sure to read theme documentation as well.


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Okay… I donno. m new for this!

This theme is new for me. lets see!